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History of the Rotary Club of Noble Park

Back in 1961, Rotary wanted to form a club in Noble Park, but the population was only 9000 people, and it wasn’t viable.  However, by 1965 there were 15,000 people giving an opportunity to form a brand-new Rotary club in Noble Park. 

 Dennis Robertson was the first person to join the club. There were 27 Charter members. The Club was Chartered on Tuesday 15th June 1965 and inauguration of the club by District Governor Bill Brett on 13th July 1965. We are the 50th club in District 280. 

There were 250 people in attendance and Charter President was William Henry (Harry) James. (pictured left)

Early projects included International aid to India. Our first Exchange Student was Christy Sue Piper from Crystal Lakes Illinois USA. Our first Golf Day for Community Service fundraising was 1970 at Keysborough Golf Course.

Many club members attended the Rotary International Convention in Sydney Australia in 1971 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Rotary in Australia.

The Rotaract Club (18 – 30-year old’s) was formed in 1973. In the same year, a Group Study Exchange team from Japan Rotary District 262 visited our Club as part of the first exchange. They were young businesspeople from all over Japan wanting to learn more about the sharing of Business practices in Australia.

PP Neal Wickenton led the team to Japan to form closer international relations with the Rotary Club of Kofu. This formed an enduring bond that has been nurtured by many Rotarians including current Rotarians PP Bruce Hill, PP John Williams, PP Keith Maxwell and PP Peter Zeccola within the club today.

Only one of our Rotarians has served as District Governor. Neal Wickenton served as District Governor in 1978 – 79.

Over many years the club has hosted many memorable Guest Speakers. They included Paul Hogan and Stropp, Jeff Kennett. Val Jellay, Wayne Carey, Rex Hunt, Bob Murphy, Gareth Evans, RSL President Bruce Ruxton, Channel 9’s Peter Hitchener, Ritchie’s CEO Fred Harrison.

In 1982 a new District of 981 was formed. The Rotary Clock Tower as a major landmark was financed and completed in 1983 by our club. Community Art Shows at Carwatha Primary School from 1992 onwards.

Auctions also formed a large part of our Community Service donations raising $30,000 from 1991. In 2001, the club raised over $100,000 for many worthwhile charities and projects from its organisation and promotion of lawn bowls championships within the broader community.

In 2005, our club provided the labour and built a school at Marpe East Timor in support of the 100th Anniversary of Rotary and our International Service.

In 2006 our club raised over $90,000 assisting the cleaning of the Olympic Village in Melbourne.

Our Youth Services support to this day, our club sponsors a room at Ronald McDonald House (Clayton Campus) for children and their families that experience major health concerns.

In 2020, we merged with the Rotary Club of Dingley Village to form the Rotary Club of Noble Park – Dingley. With active members in all facets of Rotary we continue to serve the local and international community.

Since we formed, our club has had over 196 members and counting.

Year – President

1965-66 – Harry James
1966-67 – John Campbell
1967-68 – Ian Smith
1968-69 – Pat Dawson
1969-70 – Tom Hunt
1970-71 – Alan Corrigan
1971-72 – Bruce Schwennesen
1972-73 – Neal Wickenton
1973-74 – Mervyn Keys
1974-75 – Bruce Hodgins
1975-76 – Arthur Williams
1976-77 – Ron Gillard
1977-78 – Cliff Grills
1978-79 – Gary Amott
1979-80 – Mick Pitcher
1980-81 – Ern Thompson
1981-82 – Des Dowling
1982-83 – Harry Patterson
1983-84 – John Zeigler Senior
1984-85 – John Williams
1985-86 – Peter Bryan
1986-87 – Doug Blake
1987-88 – Don Dodd
1988-89 – Graeme Duggan
1989-90 – Graeme Booth
1990-91 – Chris Hansen
1991-92 – Ron Damon
1992-93 – Anton Kopecek
1993-94 – Don Keel

Year – President

1994-95 – Terry Philp
1995-96 – Gordon Ramage
1996-97 – John Williams
1997-98 – Bruce Hill
1998-99 – Trevor Blundell
1999-2000 – Tom Quinn
2000-01 – Peter Zeccola
2001-02 – Fred Goodall
2002-03 – Jenny Dight
2003-04 – Kieran Magee
2004-05 – Greg Penaluna
2005-06 – Keith Maxwell
2006-07 – John Pentreath
2007-08 – Vin Conway
2008-09 – Carol Constantine
2009-10 – Rex Carter
2010-11 – Graeme Smith
2011-12 – Lyn Anderson
2012-13 – Con Christoforou
2013-14 – Rama Vemula
2014-15 – Chris Hansen
2015-16 – Keith Maxwell
2016-17 – Ron Damon
2017-18 – Greg Penaluna
2018-19 – Greg Penaluna/Jenny Dight
2019-20 – Peter Behm
2020-21 – Reny Frighetto *first President Noble Park – Dingley
2021-22 – Greg Penaluna, Noble Park – Dingley
2022-23 – Greg Penaluna


What is a Paul Harris Fellow?

A PHF is a major Rotary Foundation recognition given to a person in the Rotary club or Community that has given outstanding service in helping others. Paul Harris Fellows assist in a broad range of humanitarian causes.

The recipients listed below are all Paul Harris Fellows

1980 Harry James – Charter President (posthumously)
1980 PP Arthur Williams (given by the Rotary Club of Keysborough)
1981 * PDG Neal Wickerton
1983 * Graeme Smith (given by Rotary Club of Mulgrave)
1984 * PDRR Ron Damon (for service to Rotaract)
1985 PP Alan Corrigan (given by the Rotary Club of Keysborough)
1985 PP Cliff Grills
1986 PP Tory Pannuzzo (given by the Rotary Club of Keysborough)
1987 * PP Des Dowling
1988 Enid Blake (for service to Girl Guides and Rotary)
1988 PP Pat Dawson
1990 PP Mick Pitcher
1990 PP Ern Thompson
1991 * PP John Ziegler Snr
1991 PP Tom Hunt
1993 PP Mervyn Keys
1994 * PP John Williams
1995 PP Peter Bryan
1996 * Hazel Wickerton (for Service to Rotary and furthering international relations with Kofu Japan)
1996 PP Harry Patterson
1997 * PP Graeme Booth
1997 PP Graeme Duggan
1997 PP Gordon Ramage
1997 Harry Baptist (for service to Noble Park Fire Brigade)
1997 John Beus (for service to the Community)
1997 Aline Burgess (for service to the Community)
1997 Arthur Fields (for service to the Community)
1998 PP Doug Blake
1999 * PP Chris Hansen
1999 * Peter Zeccola
2000 PP Don Keel
2000 Denis Robinson
2000 * Anne De Kretser (Past Youth Exchange student and furthering matched club relationship with Kofu Japan).
2001 Kath Williams
2002 * PP Gary Amott
2002 PP Bruce Hill

*Recipient is for sapphire recognitions.

2002 PP Tom Quinn (given by the Rotary Club of Doncaster for service to Rotary and furthering the International relationship East Timor)
2003 Bill Lawson (given by the Quinn family for Service to Rotary)
2003 * PP Keith Maxwell
2003 PP Terry Philp
2004 PP Fred Goodall
2005 * PP Kieran Magee
2006 Sandra Booth (given for Service to Rotary)
2006 Joan Pitcher
2006 Roz Blades (for service to Local Govt and the Community)
2007 PP Vin Conway (for service to Rotary and St Vincent De Paul)
2007 PP Greg Penaluna
2007 Gayle Magee (for service to Rotary and Youth Exchange Program)
2008 Joyce Dowling (for service to Rotary)
2008 *PP Jenny Dight (given by the Rotary Club of Yarrawonga Mulwala)
2009 PP John Pentreath
2009 Carol Constantine (for service to Rotaract and Rotary)
2009 Deidre Anderson (for service to the Community)
2009 Andy Stevenson (for service as Secondary School Principal)
2010 * PP Rex Carter
2010 Daryl Pittman (for service to the Community)
2011 Patricia Hill (for service to the Rotary)
2011 Betty Conway (for service to the Rotary)
2012 *Olive Maxwell (for service to the Rotary)
2012 Ray McCarthy (for service to the Community)
2016 Graeme Kemp
2016 Sherridan Wallace
2017 Geoff Corrigan
2018 PP Trevor Blundell
2018 Beryl Patterson (for service to the Rotary)
2018 Jeannette Quinn (for service to Rotary and the International Community)
2021 Bill Warner
2021 PP Peter Behm
2021 PP Des Dowling

*Recipient is for sapphire recognitions.