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Anzac Day Service

Anzac Day Commemoration

The Dingley Village Memorial was a Rotary Project that commenced in 2008 and was competed and dedicated in March 2012.  The purpose of the Memorial was to provide the Dingley Village Community a place where they could commemorate the Men & Women of Australia who had given their lives in defence of the freedom and democracy of Australia.

Each year the Rotary Club of Noble Park Dingley conduct commemorative services for the community while ensuring a high involvement of local schools in each service.  Services provided include, one for the local Kindergartens, one for local Schools and Community, both prior to ANZAC Day and a Dawn Service on ANZAC Day.  A service on Remembrance Day is also conducted.

The services have given the local community a place to commemorate and gather on each of these occasions and are very well attended each year.

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Memories from Geoff Herat at the Men’s Shed

At 5.30am Tuesday April 25th – ANZAC Day – it was dark, chilly with a slight breeze to flutter the flags and rustle the leaves in the trees.

Torches provided the only light to assist literally hundreds of men, women and children to find their way on to the lawn in front of the Dingley Village Cenotaph in Marcus Road. This is the same area we set up and then dismantle the tables, chairs, bins, banners etc. for the Dingley Village Farmer’s Market each month.

As befits a ceremony on such an occasion the mood was somber and dignified yet all the children were very well behaved.

At 5.45am, whilst it was still dark, the microphone of this Dawn Service crackled into life and so began a moving tribute to those who served and those who never came home.

Due recognition was paid by speakers young and not-so-young to the many service men and women who served on behalf of our country in conflicts throughout the world over more than a century. Wreaths were laid, memories revived and still the children were quiet and respectful.

As the sun rose it became clear just how huge the crowd of locals was who had turned out for this annual homage. Estimates put the number at circa 500.

What I found both amazing and heart warming was the number of children from little tackers to teenagers who participated. From grand parents to grand children they were all there.

Our DVMS contingent included :- Geoff Colquhoun, Tim Parkin, Bill King, Greg Pullen, Bob Wood and myself although I am sure there were others whom I lost in the thronging crowd.

Geoff and I laid our wreath on behalf of all DVMS members and quickly realised that we were number eight in a line of twenty plus, hence the pic of the wreaths at the cenotaph.

Even if you only ever went once you would find this Dawn Service one of life’s lasting memories.